Who We Are?


We provide a safe place to find the right puppy. During recent years the divide has only increased between sellers, buyers, and breeders as mistrust is harbored between parties. At Amandaminigoldendoodle.com you’ll find us so helpful working to bridge this gap as space is provided for all sides and perspectives to be understood and respected.

In addition, we do business with reputable customers gained with our services.  We are committed to their puppy’s well-being. We are ready to answer any questions you may have about your puppy both before and after your purchase. We are Backyard Breeders and also given opportunity to connect our lovely mini golden doodle to perfect loving family. We who are competent of delivering excellent puppy care all time.

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Why Choose Us ?

Happy and Healthy Puppies

Amandaminigoldendoodle.com was created for potential caring pet owners to have a credible, safe place to find their fur-ever friend. Our passion is to have a working relationship with reputable breeders who not only raise healthy puppies but who are committed to giving adequate socialization which in return will help make the transition to your home a smooth one. To reach this goal, we offer incentivized programs to our breeders who go above and beyond what the state laws require — breeders that provide extended health guarantees for their puppies and are open to continually look at implementing better breeding practices.

Caring & Knowledgable Dog Breeders

Ask for more information about our Amandaminigoldendoodle.com,   who are accredited will have a gold accreditation symbol under their name. Rest assured that when searching for your new family member that on our website, you will never be scammed or deal with puppy mills. Each & every puppy on our site has been seen, handled and photographed at the home where the puppy was born & raised.

Amandaminigoldendoodles is a small family-owned company. We all have our own 4-legged friends at home so we know how important it is to deal with responsible breeders! We are here to assist you in any way we can! 

We breed Ourself golden doodle and mini golden doodles. We also strive to work with the best breeders, who breed the best golden puppies and we aspire to give the best service so that you can have the best experience!

Knowledge and Support

We offer resourceful advices which prepare you for the ups and downs of puppy parenting. From your puppy’s early development and safety to teething and potty training, we have got you covered. We can even help you determine which of our available puppy is best for you and your family.

To optimize your experience with us we encourage you to contact us by simitting form from contact us page. We will guide you with all information to purchasing your mini golden doodle puppy through our Experience. This way you’ll have opportunity to talk with us, gather opinions on which puppy is best to purchase from and better understand the commitment required for welcoming a puppy into your home. Your puppy may thank you as you prove better equipped to meet his or her needs.

Make a Difference

We are here to make a difference. We believe that every puppy deserves a healthy life and a happy home. That’s why we fight to end the puppy mill industry while empowering you with knowledge to recognize signs and do your part. We also support shelters and other backyard breeders like us.

And we invite you to join us. By leaving honest ratings and reviews you can help weed out sketchy buyers and sellers. Build on the power of social to keep away cruel sellers and incompetent buyers while endorsing those who care.

Here at Amandaminigoldendoodles, we value you. Together let’s love on mini goloden doodle and other puppies as homes are made happier with the presence of little golden companions.

No Puppy Mill Promise

We’re dog lovers who take stand. Not only do we pledge to NEVER work with puppy mills, we fight for dog welfare standards across the state.

Breeder Screening / Breeder Check-In

We visit our breeders in person regularly — to take adorable puppy pictures and to ensure they continue to meet our EXTREMELY high standards.

Health Guarantee & Vet Checks

We guarantee that our dogs will be completely healthy when they come to their fur-ever home — and if there ever is an issue, we make it right.

Socialization Guarantee

Keystone Puppies often come home ready to fall in love with the family and other furry siblings. This is thanks to our breeder’s all-important focus on socialization from birth.


Hundreds of glowing reviews from thousands of families. See what makes us special, and trust the same company as thousands of other dog lovers.

Safest Pet Travel

We ship our dogs nationwide, and we guarantee that they’re 100% safe and comfortable the entire time.

Family-Owned & Dog Loving Team

Amanda MINI GOLDEN DOODLES is a family-owned company, and every team member has their our own 4-legged friends at home. That’s just one of reasons we know how important it is to deal with responsible breeders.

Tips & Advice

When you’re a dog lover, the time for education is never done. That’s why our experts offer tips on all the ways to nurture and care for your dog.